Squabmoor farm only keeps rare breed “Large Black” pigs which are also known as “Cornish Black” pigs. This unique breed is registered with the Pig Association and pure bred Large Black pigs can be registered with them when they are born. The Pig Association and the Large Black Pig Breeders Club have all the details of the Large Black pedigrees. Not all the pure bred Large Black pigs have been registered. The Large Black pigs are on the rare breed survival trust list and have now become the rarest of the rare breeds.

About Us

Squabmoor farm is almost unique in being one of the very few farms which keep pigs in their natural habitat of woodland and allow the pigs to explore and roam at will through large areas of virgin land.

They live in large comfortable pig arcs and are totally free range and free to explore large areas of woodland. They have rejuvenated the woodland through eating the bramble roots and clearing the bracken (by digging and constant walking). They are fed on pig nuts, large quantities of fruit & vegetables, and apples when in season. As a result of the way the pigs are looked after they are all very healthy and have never had any diseases or any problems whatsoever.

The sows are excellent mothers and farrowing has been very easy without the need for any assistance from us.

They are all very friendly and docile and protective of their young.

The “Large Black” Breed

The Large Black is a docile lop-eared animal and its skin pigmentation helps it to resist sunburn, making it ideal for outdoor living. It produces pork of very high quality which finds a ready outlet in specialist markets. This admirable versatile breed is extremely docile and hardy. Their placid temperament enables them to be easily contained by a single strand electric fence. The sows are excellent mothers with exceptional milking ability.

The Large Black Pig could be found throughout the British Isles. They were mainly kept in small herds, a few of which date back to well before World War 2. The Large Black Pedigree breed originates from the Old English Hog established in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Large Black was founded mainly on the native stock of Devon and Cornwall, and is still known as the “Cornish Black” in many parts of the world. Sows have very good maternal qualities, and the breed is noted for its fecundity.